4 Mistakes That Leads To Amazon Account Suspension

As the eCommerce space is transforming rapidly, even the sellers get confused while browsing the largest marketplace in the world. It may lead to amazon account suspension. You can either make an amazon suspension appeal or create a new account on the platform, eliminating all the mistakes you have committed previously.

This blog post will cover all the sellers’ mistakes that lead to amazon account suspension. These mistakes will help you understand what not to do while selling on the platform. Or, when the case may be, how to seek amazon suspension help.

Mistakes That Lead To Amazon Account Suspension

Following are some mistakes that sellers need to familiarize themselves with:

Mistake No. 1: Review Manipulation

As far as review manipulation is concerned, this mistake is on the wider side of intentional practice than a mistake. However, it is the most common mistake sellers make on the Amazon platform. According to Amazon, review manipulation refers to the fake and misleading reviews that the sellers create to sell their products and services. These practices obtain reviews through free or discounted coupons and gift cards. In such a case, the platform will terminate the account immediately. You cannot even seek amazon suspension help from your experts.

Mistake No. 2: Copyright Or Trademark Infringement

If you make a seller account on Amazon, you are committed to the intellectual property laws of the product. Copyright infringement results from the usage of copyrighted products for sale or distribution with authoritative permission from the copyright holder. On the contrary, trademark infringement refers to the unacceptable use of trademark services related to the products and services. These infringements are subject to amazon account suspension, and you cannot even make an amazon suspension appeal.

Mistake No. 3: Low Selling Performance

The platform enforces penalties on the low performance of the sellers or when they don’t meet the standard requirements. Amazon uses metrics like late shipment rate, Order Defect Rate (ODR), and pre-fulfillment cancel rate to ensure that the platform sells the best product possible. Hence, the sellers must review these metrics from time to time. It will give you an insight into the positive experiences and complaints to improve your seller performance. If you avoid this aspect of selling, your account may lead to suspension.

Mistake No. 4: Gs1 Certified Barcode

Every seller gets a unique code named UPC on the marketplace. The GS1 barcodes suggest that you are the sole owner of the product. All the sellers who do not have Amazon GTIN exemption must list products with a GS1 barcode. Those who don’t have this barcode will lead to the suspension of their account. The only solution left is amazon suspension appeal.

Account Suspension Help

It’s okay if your account has been suspended, and you can seek amazon suspension help to recover your account. If you have a plan of action to avoid mistakes in the future, Amazon may release your account after they are satisfied with your intent.

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