The Most Appreciated Blooms That Bring Luck

In China, you can find the ornaments of lucky flowers all around. Since ancient times people have been painting them on porcelain, stitching onto silk robes, imaging on carpets, and carving into jade and gold. These unique botanic ornaments aren’t just for decoration—they’re carefully collected to have meaning and power. Feng shu stands for arranging things to have good energy, talks about blossom flowers meaning and luck when they’re applied to decorate and bring positive vibes to your setting and private environment.

Orchids – symbols for true purity and success

For instance, in China, the majority of locals there consider orchids truly outstanding for bringing positive energy. When the authorities of China were deciding on its national flower, peonies and orchids were almost both equally popular and appreciated. However, the locals valued peonies a little more, but not enough to be chosen as the official floral symbol. So, orchids are recognized as more spiritual compared to the lush peonies, hence they are associated with higher chakras. Orchids are the genuine symbols of purity and fertility, and many believe that they can even boost success in your career path. Once you arrange a set of purple phalaenopsis orchids in your home settings, meditation area, or family room, these flowers of good luck would bring a sense of grace, harmony, and progress.

Peonies – lucky blooms for new love and relationships

In feng shui, peonies symbolize novel love and rekindling relationships. The soft pink hues would be an amazing choice to place in your bedroom or the love/relationship area of your private settings, hence pink represents the heart and warm feelings. The deeper red peonies symbolize the next step and strongly suggest marriage. However, it doesn’t matter the color itself, peonies of all color shades are full of romantic vibes, and they are the genuine natural source for positive energy—they are that powerful and impactful. This good luck flower has long been standing in Chinese culture and is always prevailing in domestic surveys like a national symbol, even though it hasn’t won that title yet.

Lotus – a sacred symbol of luck according to Buddhism beliefs

In Buddhism, there’s a good proverb that strongly describes the amazing life cycle of the lotus flower: “No mud, no lotus.” The lotus ordinarily grows in the muddy bottom of a pond but produces a pure and beautiful plant that reaches towards the light. Lotus symbolizes people’s journey toward understanding and wisdom. In many Asian cultures, people consider lotus a sacred bloom. When you have it in your home it brings peace and harmony. If you arrange some lotus composition close to your home’s entrance, it can attract plenty of positive energy. It is a true reminder that the pursuit of light or excellence is inexplorable.

Chrysanthemums – easy luck and life balance

Chrysanthemums are the genuine symbols of balance and easy success in life. Many people across Asian countries highly value them. Vibrant and yellow chrysanthemums bring a sense of sunshine and work hard to make your dreams a reality, specifically in your bedroom or common areas of the house. It’s outstanding to show them off where your neighbors can see. Just position the lovely pots of chrysanthemums close to a window so that everyone can join in the positive vibes.

Cherry blossoms – floral wonders for genuine luck

Many people truly believe that cherry blossoms are the blooms that bring genuine luck, as well as nurture love and marriage. Being pretty similar to other blooming plants, they are elegant and chic decorations during Chinese New Year celebrations, hence they catch positive energy. These floral wonders not only promote good health but are additionally considered the symbols of long-lasting good fortune.

Hydrangeas – the symbols of gratitude and spiritual understanding

Hydrangeas are all for gratitude and spiritual understanding. Arranged together with silk tulip they are an exemplary composition well suitable for the creative decorations to enhance the interior of your home. During the summer season, place the hydrangea bunches all around your house to lure the bliss of the season.

Narcissus – strong plants to catch optimism and joy

Narcissus and other bulb blooms are truly exquisite floral gifts for loved ones during the Lunar New Year hence they symbolize strong potential. Just place a small pot of white narcissus in your private space and you will draw attention to your talent and effort in your professional life. Yellow daffodils, the other bulb plants, are the genuine messengers of optimism and joy. Once you start decorating your interior with narcissus, you will understand that it is like planting the seeds of career success – it’s as sure to happen as the bulbs blooming.

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