Which crops can you grow through winter?

While we may associate the winter as a time of hibernation and growth stagnation, there is a range of crops, plants and vegetables that can grow fruitfully during this time of the year. This is excellent news for those within the farming industry, or even if you just want to grow a few prosperous crops for use in your winter kitchen. In this blog post, we take a deep dive into different crops that grow the best during the cold season, plus the perfect time to plant your winter crops for quality and healthy growth.

Different crops and plants you can grow during winter

There are a number of common crops and vegetables that grow favorably during winter. Find out more about a few of them below:


Lettuce plants are extremely hardy, making them perfect to grow during winter as they have the ability to survive the cold. You can even grow specific varieties of “winter” lettuce that have been created to thrive specifically during this season. When growing lettuce en masse or in your garden this winter, plant them under a wind tunnel and consider using sustainable solutions to encourage crop growth.


Carrots are another crop that thrives once temperatures drop for the year. Much like other winter vegetables, the taste of carrots actually improves when grown during this season. The process of growing a healthy crop of carrots involves covering the planted seeds with a layer of fabric insulation, to avoid any damage from weather or severe temperatures when the plants begin to sprout.


Spinach is a vegetable that grows at its best during the colder days of autumn and winter. The best way to ensure your spinach crop grows well and avoids issues like frost is to grow it within a polytunnel for protection.

When to plant winter crops

The best time to plant your winter crops will vary from plant to plant, but typically this is sometime during the mid-summer to early autumn period. Ensure to research the growth process of your winter crops well in advance to ensure a healthy and strong yield. To conclude, there is a range of different options when it comes to winter crop growth. Many varieties of plants and vegetables thrive in colder temperatures, you just need to make sure that you plant them in advance and give them all the necessary help to grow.

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